YDA will continue strikes

yda-continue-strike-on-12th-consecutive-day-1340955643-8942Patients ongoing to suffer as Youthful Doctors Association’s (YDA) strike on Monday joined sixth day across Punjab. The doctors boycotted outside patient departments (OPDs) and established camps outdoors hospitals to go to the patients. Based on Punjab government, YDA leader is involved with torture of Gujranwala hospital’s MS, therefore, law suit could be taken against him. The protesting doctors have required from the government to free the arrested doctors and withdraw transfer orders. The Punjab government’s action against striking doctors ongoing and suspension orders were released against three doctors. Furthermore, the provincial government has additionally approved hospital administrations to do something against doctors leading to obstruction to daily routine procedures. The Department cautioned that protesting doctors who have been attending the patients within the camps could be considered absent using their responsibilities.