Hyderabadi vegetable biryani

hyderabadi vegetable biryani is very famous dish of haderabad and is very much popular by the people. it is the special dish of Haderabad city….

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  • Serving Size: 4
  • Prep Time: 1 hour
  • Cook Time: 10-15
  • Ready Time: 11 min
  • Ingredients:


    • First of all soak rice in 3 cups of water.
    • Then in a bowl add 4 cups of water, 3 green chilies, 3 small cardamoms, ½ bunches of mint, ½ tsp black cumin, 2 whole black pepper and add salt to taste.
    • Then half boil it, and draw off the water.
    • Take a pan and heat the oil, add chopped onion and fry it until it turns golden brown.
    • Take out half of the fried chopped onion, then add ½ cup yogurt, 2 whole black pepper, 1tsp ginger garlic paste, 3 green chilies, 3 small cardamoms, ½ bunch of mint and cook it.
    • After that add1tsp of red chili powder, 3 chopped tomato and lemon juice.
    • First deep fry the potatoes until it turns golden brown. Then add fried potato in the gravy.
    • Fry 1 cabbage, 6 green beans, sliced carrot and 1 cup green peas with a little sauce.
    • Then grease the rice dish and put a layer of half of rice and put all gravy on the rice, spread brown onion on it and in the end spread the remaining rice.
    • Add food color in the milk and pour it on the rice.
    • In the last add 1tsp butter, lemon juice and two boiled egg and leave it on dum for some time.

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