“Adhan”- Invitation to all Muslims for progress

The word “Adhan” is originated from Arabic language. Its literal meaning is to announce or proclaim. Adhan in terms of Islamic values means a call that is given fives time a day for Muslims to pray. Adhan varies according to the timings of respective prayers.

The most attractive part of Adhan is that it begins with the declaration that all praises be to Allah only. It affirms the supremacy of Allah (SWT). The second part of Adhan is Shahadah which belongs to unity of Allah and confirms that Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is the last messenger from Allah to all mankind. Then comes the next part that belongs upon the invitation to all Muslims for prayer. It implies the reminder that verily ! we came from Allah and we return to Allah. One day we have to meet with our eternal fate. For emphasizing this particular message and reminder each line is recited twice in every Adhan. In the whole world, Adhan is recited for five times a day regularly. In every Muslim community there must be a person who is eligible to recite Adhan for five times a day.  The person who recites Adhan is called Muadhdhin .

The first ever Muadhdhin in Islam is said to be Bilal Ibn Rabah who not only had a strong voice but sweet too. He daily practiced five times to go to top of the Minar and recite Adhan.