Backbiting-A Noticeable Curse

Gheebat called (Backbiting) perhaps the most common sin of the tongue that is spreading usually in our society. Most of the people involved in such a sin, the religious persons mostly adopt the way to avoid such type of sins like lying, swearing and slandering etc. Even some times these people also become entrapped in the snare of Shaitan so their conversation also full of Gheebat. A person with firm control on this sin can save his/her tongue from this.

First of all we should know about Gheebat, what is Gheebt? , So that we could be able to refrain from it. In a Hidaith Rusool Ulah Sallalah hu alaihi wasalam explain to sahaba(r.a) “ Do you know that what is Gheebat ,” they replied. “To mention something about your brother whom he would dislike” Rasulullah sallah hu alahi wasalam informed them.

A person that probably involved in the sin asked. “What if this is true?” The messenger of Allah (saw) replied; if it is true then you have indeed backbiting about them, but if it is not true, then you involved in worse sin which is called Bohtaan. Hence mention of something about a person in his absence which he would dislike is Gheebat.

Another Hidaith of Rasul Allah about Gheebat is reported he said about “Gheebat is worse than Zina(adultery)“.

In another Hidaith it is reported that there are more than seventy stages of consuming interest, the lowest of which is equilent to cohabiting with one’s mother. To consume one Dirham of interest is worse than commiting adultery thirty five times.

But the most severe is a sin than interest is the dishonoring of a Muslim (Gheebat actually).