Definition of extremism

If we search the definition of extremism it gives the result that states that extremism is any theory, idea or logic exposed on the people without any leniency. With constant propaganda done by west on the issues of extremism and terrorism they had set quite biased and one sided standards.

 When someone wants to wear veil and hide her face and body they call it extremism. I mean where is extremism in such kind of deeds? Where are their secular thoughts? Isn’t this the right of the person whether to hide or reveal his/her body? On the other side if we see they are imposing their policies, their laws on other nations.

 Sometimes this is done in the name of law and aid and sometimes they force other nations to
follow their advice. Isn’t this extremism? Who is going to take the responsibility? These so called modern and liberal people want to treat everyone as a mere puppet of their grand show.

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