Does Islam promote terrorism?

Islam is a religion of peace and yet if we see today most of the misdeeds done in the world are associated with the name of Islam. Who is responsible for this mess? When a person who neither knew Muslims nor has visited any Muslim country hear in news, watch on TV about terrorist activities done by Usama, Faisal, Hamid, Hanif (remember all these names are Muslim) thinks that this is what there customs and religion is promoting.

Is really Islam promoting terrorism? Are there sayings of Prophet Muhammad (hadith) that
encourage killing innocent people? Much is said and thousands of debates are done on this issue, but still the world is dwindling round the topic. Deeds of the men are the mirror that reflects his customs and traditions, in my opinion Islam never promote terrorism it is the germs present in the head and in the heart of people that are creating mess.

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  1. Islam does’nt promote the terrorism islam is peaceful religion.

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