Eid-ul-fitr is associated with Ramdan, the wholly month. It shows the end of the wholly month Ramadan and it is celebrated on the first day of Shawal, it is the 10th month of Islamic year. It is a very unique event as it has no link with the historical occasions not it is linked with any seasonal changes or agricultural cycle. It shows purely religious; it is in true sense a Thanksgiving Day, this is the day when the Muslims show their joys and thanks ALLAH for giving them the strength, will and the power to fast, fulfill the commitment and obey His orders in this holy month.

In all the Muslim countries this day bring joy and happiness. It is the happiness which the Muslims show after completing the task in a very successful way. Eid ul fitr celebration continuous for three days it is the feast of fast breaking, people exchanged gifts to each other and set get to gather at their home to celebrate this great event. This is like a gift of ALLAH for those who fast for the whole month, there are some acts of this day that need to be done by every Muslims like prayer, charity for the needy, this night is also as important as Shab-e- qadar, Lailat-ul-qadar, taking “Ghusal” the solemn bath is highly recommended on this night proceeding Eid. So, this night must be spent in prayers and after it in the morning pay shukarana to ALLAH.

From the Holy Prophet P.B.U.M it is quoted that on this night offering six rakat prayers reciting Sura Fatiha once and Sura Ikhlas five times in every rakat then ALLAH will forgive his sins. In Islam the concept of Eid is not only restricted to celebrate it lavishly it can also be spet by praying to ALLAH toforgive their sins because the door of ALLAH’s forgiveness is open and his blessings are abundant.

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