Feelings of British Muslims at Hajj exhibition

Hajj exhibition being organized in London at British Museum has really attracted Muslim communities settled in the Great Britain. The exhibition has been organized with a joint effort of Saudi Arabia government. British Muslim community has expressed their encouraging feelings towards the holy exhibition. They had claimed that this is not only an exhibition but a “Journey to the heart of Islam”.

According to British Hujjaj Association UK, a welfare department for the pilgrims in England has confessed that more roam of devotion between the different communities is still available and exhibitions like this can shed the light of Islam to all the Europeans.

The Hajj exhibition has not been staged for British Muslims only but it offers open invitation to all the communities living around in England. Non-Muslims can take advantage of this divine opportunity and hatred between the communities could be minimized by this way. Hajj exhibition is like a spiritual journey and anyone who attends the event gets a positive vibe. Officially, the exhibition has been termed as a great opportunity that not only will help to create brotherhood between the different communities but also will create peace, harmony and good relationships between England and Saudi Arabia. Prince Charles and Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdulla; Saudia’s foreign affair minister in England has also attended the exhibition that is being held at the British Museum London.