Five Pillars of Islam

There are five basic acts in Islam on the basis of which a person can be called as a Muslim. If a Muslim practices the following framework then it strengthens the power of faith. The Holy Quran states these five basic acts as “PILLARS”.

1>     Shahadah

2>     Salat

3>     Fasting

4>     Zakat

5>     Hajj


To accept that God almighty is one and there is no other god and accepting that Muhammad S.A.W is the last messenger of God is Shahadah. It is the first , basic and firm belief of a Muslim that sovereignty belongs to Allah Almighty only.  Praise be to Allah only. If a person from another community wants to convert him/herself then it is must to recite Shahadah first.


It is the way of praying to God. A Muslim must has to offer five times prayer in a day. The name are as follows:

  • Fajr
  • Dhuhr
  • Asr
  • Maghrib
  • Isha’a

Each prayer has specific timings in which the worship is permitted. The basic purpose of worshipping in Islam is to thank Allah for all the blessings upon us.


there are twelve months in an Islamic calendar. Each month has its own rituals to perform. The month of Ramadan gives the lesson of tolerance and minimizes the society difference between the rich and poor people. A Muslim must has to fast for all days in month and can only break with Dates upon listening of Maghrib Azaan  only


it is obligatory for every Muslim to donate zakat. Islam is the only religion that not only tells but also describes the ways to minimize the poverty level by a system in which a wealthy person can give zakat according to some rules and regulations per year.


hajj is pilgrimage and the Muslims who perform hajj are known as pilgrims. It is obligatory on every Muslim to perform hajj at least once in his life time. The hajj is performed in the holy city of Mecca in the Islamic month of Dhu-al-Hijjah