Ghazwa-e-Badar- a great battle in Islamic history

The first and most important battle of Islam was “Battle of Baddar” also known as “Ghaw-e-Baddar”. The Meccans were proud of their position and wealth and considered themselves very strong. A special strategy was required to fight with them. So, Hazarat Muhammad P.B.U.M decided to fight on the basis of these two things, they trade with the land of Syria and their wealth was depending on that trade., and that is  the Mediterranean littoral, so that route for trade to Syrai must need to be blocked. The Meccans think that they are the best people in everything in the Arab.

So, Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.M sends an order through small patrol that the next procession of Mecca with the leaders must be attacked. And it happened that the caravan was guided by the Mecca’s leader, “Abu Sufyan” the great enemy of Islam. He was a very quick man. He also arranged a strong guard for himself according to the power of Muslims. He also sent fast messenger to Mecca for help. At the mean time under the leadership of Hazarat Muhammad P.B.U.M Muslims came there. Muslims were only 300 as compared to the 1000 member of Meccas.

With such a small number Muslims fought against a large force of Meccas and is one of the important Battle in the History of Islam was fought in 623 AD at Badar. It was the 2nd year of hijrah. They clear up the Meccas from the Badar field. It was a great victory of Muslims. The prisoner of the battle taken and much treasure but our beloved prophet P.B.U.H showed a great insight and great love and did not adopt a revengeful and bad behavior with these people instead he showed love and treat them well. It was a great battle in the Islamic history and with this battle Muslims rules were established in Medina and also considered as the establishment of the Great Muslim Empire.