Golden sayings of Hazarat Usman (R.A):

Hazrat Usman Radi Allahu anhu said that he appreciated three things:

  1. To clothe the naked
  2. To feed the hungry
  3. To read and teach the Quran


Hazrat Usman Radi Allahu anhu encouraged people to acquire two habits:

  1. the habit of speaking the truth(reality)
  2. the habit of performing good deeds


Hazrat Usman Radi Allahu anhu said that four things were ineffective and these were:

  1. Knowledge without practice
  2. Piety for the sake of show prompted by worldliness
  3. Wealth without expenditure in the way of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala
  4. A .long life with no store of good deeds.


Hazrat Usman Radi Allahu anhu held the following four things as important:

  1. To connect with the worthy is creditable, but to follow them is important.
  2. To read the Quran is worthy, but to act according to its orders is necessary.
  3. To visit the sick is praiseworthy, but to cause them to make their behests is vital
  4. To visit the shrines of Religious men is piety, but to be prepared for death is necessary.