Islamic Heroes: Imam Bukhari

There are many books of hadiths compiled by different scholars, but probably the most authentic and well respected book of hadiths is “Sahih Bukhari”. This book has a long name but it is well known as Sahih Bukhari because of its compiler, Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Ismail Bukhari (Imam Bukhari). Imam Bukhari was from the city of Bukhara(Uzbekistan). He was born on Friday, 13th Shawwal 194 Hijri(809AD). His father Ismail Bin Ibraheem was also a scholar of Hadith and was a gardener by profession. Imam Bukhari was quite young when his father died. Not only that, he suddenly lost his eye sight as well. His mother, a pious lady tried every kind of treatment possible but all in vain. She cried day and night and prayed to Allah to return her son’s eye sight. One night she saw the Prophet Ibraheem (AS) in her dream. He told her that because of her endless prayers, Allah has returned your son’s eye sight.When Imam Bukhari woke up in the morning, her dream  had come true and he could see. It was then she decided to educate her son with Quran and Hadith.

Imam Bukhari had  exceptional memory. He completed Hifz-e-Quran before he was ten. At ten years, he had memorized several hadiths. Memorizing a hadith is a difficult task. You not only have to memorize the exact words of our Prophet (SAW) but also the whole chain of people who heard and passed the hadith to one another. When he was eleven, he started pointing out the mistakes of his teacher.

By the time he turned 16,he had already memorized two books of two great scholars. When he was 16, he went with his mother and brother to perform hajj. He stayed  in Makkah for two years to attain more knowledge and wrote his first book. He then went to Medina for further studies. Basra, Kufa, Baghdad,Syria, Egypt  Harat, Samarkand; He traveled widely to seek knowledge and hadiths from nearly 1000 scholars. He only needed to hear the hadith once to memorize it perfectly. He exercised great care  to check the authenticity of the hadith. Though he knew 4,000,000 hadiths by heart, he only included 7275 in his book and made proper chapters of the compiled hadiths. That is why after Quran, Sahih Bukari is considered to be the most authentic book on the earth.

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