Importance of Fasting (Roza)

Non-Muslims think that fasting in Ramadan means to starve, but actually it is not starving it means to take oneself to height of spiritual level where one fully allot himself/herself to Allah Almighty. It has been proved that when Muslims are fasting the body naturally develops immunity and gets rid of all the toxins that may accumulate earlier.

Fasting also develops the feelings of sacrifice in Muslims that is why they refrain from all natural wishes on earth. It is universal truth that we may not think about needy, downtrodden and poor’s in our daily routine but, in fasting they develop the feelings of less fortunate’s. It also helps Muslims in getting rid of overindulgence in this materialistic life.

Fasting also helps in developing self restrain and trains Muslim’s body accordingly. It also shapes the personality of Muslims not to commit sins and wrongs in their lives.  Fasting is not just the physical exercise but in reality Muslims commit their body and soul to spirit of fasting. They control every part of their body such as they control their tongue from gossiping or backbiting, they avoid touching any unknown thing which aren’t belong to them, they avoid watching unlawful things and also restrain listening to obscene words during the entire month of Ramadan.

Ramadan and fasting is an opportunity for Muslims to re-evaluate their lives in light of Islam. They are ordered to live with peace in world and Muslims are anticipated to purify their hearts and minds with the teachings of Islam. Not only thoughts in fact words and actions are also expected to be purified in the Holy month of Ramadan.