Importance of Namaz

Namaz is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is obligatory for every Muslim. All Muslims offer prayer (Namaz) five times a day and according to Hadith (saying of Prophet (S.A.W.W)) the one who ignore Namaz will receive 15 punishments from ALLAH almighty.

  • Six in this life
  • Three while dying
  • Three in Grave
  • Three on the day of judgment (Roz-e-Qayamat)

Six Punishments in this life:

  1. Allah make his life misfortune
  2. His/her Dua will not be accepted by ALLAH
  3. ALLAH erase the noor of Muslims from his/her face
  4. He will be disliked by people on earth
  5. Allah will never award him/her for their good Deeds.
  6. He will be eliminated from the Dua’s of good people

Three punishments while dying:

  1. He dies dishonored
  2. He dies hungry
  3. He will die thirsty even if he drink all the water of all seas he will still be thirsty

Three punishments in Grave:

  1. Allah will tighten his/her grave so much that their chest will come over each other
  2. Allah pours fire with embers
  3. Allah almighty will set a snake called “the bold” “the Brave” which hit them hard

Three punishments ON THE DAY OF JUDGMENT: 

  1. Allah will send him/her to hell
  2. Allah will look so angrily that the flesh from face falls down
  3. His/her judgment will be hard and strict