Importance of ZAKAT

ALLAH has created people with diverse attitude, colors and has different level of knowledge, their condition and deeds are also varying from each other. Some of the people are rich and some are poor. To check the rich people either they show the love for the poor and to check the poor whether they are patient, ALLAH has created the method of “Zakkat” it is the most important pillar of the Islam and it means “growth and purification” it is the amount of money that the financially stable Muslims either man or a woman has to give to support a particular category of the people.

It is the amount which has been taken from the rich and gives to the poor. Zakkat is enjoined on all the stable Muslims. It purifies their wealth, as ALLAH says

“Receive Sadqah from their wealth to purify and make their wealth holy and pray to ALLAH for them, your invocations are a cause of safety for them”

Zakat cleanses and purifies your wealth and also purifies your soul from miserliness and stinginess. It also increases the love between poor and rich. Remove hatred and also fetches happiness to the Whole Ummah. Zakat is obligatory for everyone who has the nisaab (minimum amount) of one year. The rate of zakat is different for different items. Those who pay Zakat ALLAH remove their sins, increase their wealth and promise them a great reward.

ALLAH has warned those people who have the wealth but do not pay Zakat a painful punishment on the “Day of Judgment”. On the Day of judgment all the wealth gold, silver and money for which Zakat has not been paid will be burned in the fire of hell and with them their back, forehead, and their flanks will be branded and it will be said that it is your treasure which you saved for yourself. Now taste it what you have store.