Indication of descent of Syed Family

Sayed’s are mainly Arabs, and syed’s living in Asia is from Arab origin. The term syed also uses by the descendants of Hazarat Abu Talib, uncle of Hazarat Muhammad (s.a.w.w) by the reference of his other sons Jafar(Abbas), Aqeel and Talib . Syed’s also use these titles in their names that represents the figure from whom they identified and if more than one notable ancestor or from shia imam then syed’s use the title of the ancestor they descended directly from.

In Saudi Arabia there are many syed family living there. The families included such as Bafaqih, Al-Hashemi(also said as Bin Hashem), Al Hussain, Al-Mussallam(also named as Bin Musallam), Al-Nasser and others. It is reported that more than of 14 millions of people living in south Asian countries claims to descent from the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) and this is approximately 3% of the Muslim population of South Asia.

From different parts of the Arab world there ancestor migrated countries such as Iran, Central Asia included Turkestan during different ghizvaat like during the period of Muhmud Bin Ghaznavi, Dehli and invasion of Mongols and others Sultanate and Mughals and until the late 19th century. Several syed’s ancestor as merchants visited India or escaped from empires of Abbasid, Umayyad and Ottoman. During the Dehli Sultanate they also ruled over India. In Indian history their name is figure out during the breakup of the Mughal Empire, the syed’s brother at their will dethroned Emperors and created.

The syed’s were first appointed to the counsil of India and Privy Council. In India syed’s include Saadat Amroha, Barabanki, Gardezi Sadaat and Sadaat of Shergarh.