Islamic Heroes:Abdullah Bin Zubair (Razi Allah Unho)

Abdullah Bin Zubair (RAU) was a great Muslim. He was the son of Asma (RAU) ,daughter of Abu Bakar Siddique (RAU) and Zubair Bin Awwam (RAU).

After migration, the Jews of Medina spread the rumor that they had cast a spell on the Muslims so that they won’t have any sons. Muslims were upset but when Asma Bint Abubakar gave birth to a boy, they were overwhelmed by joy.Our Prophet (SAW) took the newborn in his lap and after chewing a date, put it in his mouth, prayed for him and named him Abdullah.

Abdullah Bin Zubair spent most of his childhood with our Prophet (SAW) and his wife Ayesha (RAU) who was her aunt as well. She was called Umm-e-Abdullah because of her love for Abdullah. Bravery, piety and kindness towards all were a few of his traits. His love for Ibaadah was so much that once during a flood he was seen swimming to perform tawaaf. When he started his namaz, he lost all track of time and became oblivious to the whole world. He looked like a statue such that birds used to come and sit on him while he was in Qayyam. He got a name “Hamama-tul-Masjid” (the pigeon of masjid) as he used to spent most of his time in masjid in prayers. This was one aspect of his life. The other was a brave and fearless mujahed.  When he was only five years old he took part in ghuzwa’ khundaq and 13 when he fought Yarmook war. Everyone was all praise for his bravery and wisdom. He deviced several new strategies that led to the victory of the Muslims on many occasions.

The tragic part of his story is that many years after when he was fighting for the true principles of Islam, his trusted friends and comrades left him except very few. He could have accepted the terms of the then caliph , but he didn’t. Abdul Malik Bin Marwan sent Hajjaj Bin Yousaf Saqfi to kill him. Hajjaj offered Abdullah to accept the term or die. Abdullah chose the death of honor. Abdullah came to his mother who was more than 100 years old and told him not to cry over him when he was killed. Abdullah fought bravely till his very end in Bait-ul-Allah. Hajjaj hung his dead body on a pole in the main market. His mother Asma went to see him and only said:”Is it not the time for the rider to dismount yet?” but did not cry. Afterwards, he was given a proper burial.