Islamic History:Ar-Rahman,Ar-Raheem

Narrated Abu Saeed Khidri that our Prophet (SAW) said:” A person of Bani Israel had killed ninety nine innocent people. He then( repented over his crimes and)traveled to know (if he would be forgiven by Allah). He went to a holy person and asked him (after telling the truth about himself):’Is there any way ( that I) could be forgiven?’ The holy person said:’ No’.  He (got into a rage and) killed that holy person ( and completed his century of murders). Then he started asking ( others if he would be granted forgiveness). In the end, a holy man told him to travel to a certain village ( where a pious person lived, so that he might tell him how to beg forgiveness, but he had completed only half of his journey) when he died. While dying he turned his face towards the village (he was traveling to). The angels of mercy and the angels of decry started fighting between them (as to who will take him; in hell or in paradise). [The angels of mercy said that( they would take him as) he had repented over his sins (and was travelling to ask for His forgiveness). The angels of decry said(that they would take him as) he had no good deeds.] But Allah ordered the village (where he was going with the intention of begging for forgiveness) to come nearer to his dead body and ordered the village ( where he had started his journey from) to move farther away from his dead body. Allah then said to the angels:’Look for the distance between two points( of starting his journey and his destination from his dead body)’ (When it was measured) the village (where he was going to ask for Allah’s forgiveness) was nearer to his dead body by a hand breadth (from where he had started his journey) so, he was forgiven.”

(Bukhari 3470, Muslim)