Islamic History: Salman Farsi’s(RAU) Conversion to Islam

Salman Farsi (RAU) was an Iranian. Before the advent of Islam, he lived in a village where his father was a farmer. He was his only son. His family was Zoroastrian and it was his duty to look after the place where religious rituals were performed.

One day while he was passing through the fields, he saw some Christians praying. He stopped and asked them about their beliefs. He was so impressed by them that he accepted Christianity. When his father came to know of this, he was very angry and he imprisoned him in his house. Salman (RAU) somehow escaped and ran off to Syria with some Christians. There he started living with a priest, who was very abusive and kept all the money given as alms for himself. Salman (RAU) stayed with him learning the religion but when the priest died and people started planning to give him a funeral fit for a saint, he declared the truth and as a proof showed them where the priest hid all the money. The people were out raged and crucified the priest.

The next priest Salman went to learn from, was very kind and pious. He taught Salman quite a lot. When the old man was very ill, he said:” I have little time left. I don’t think think there are any true Christians left and our Holy Book has been subjected to much change. However, there is a learned man in Mosul.Go to him and seek knowledge.” Salman studied with the priest of Mosul and two others. When the last priest was dying, he said:” The time for the Last Prophet is near. He would have a mark between his shoulders. When he declares himself as a prophet in Arab, do try to meet him and accept him as a prophet.”

He lived in that place for a while earning his living as a shepherd. When some Arabs came to the city, he begged them to take him to Arab; in return he gave them all of his sheep. They agreed and took him to Arab, but when they got there, sold him as a slave to Jews. Before reaching Medina, he was sold ten times to different owners. When Our Prophet (SAW) arrived in Medina, he went to him and accepted Islam in his first meeting. Our prophet (SAW) gave him money to buy his freedom from his Jew master, which he did. Our Prophet (SAW) thought very highly of him and once said:” Salman is part of our Ahl-e-bait (family). Paradise is waiting for his footsteps.”

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