Islamic History:An Exceptional Example of Justice

In Islam justice has an important place. The teachings of Islam state that every man and woman has equal rights. When deciding a dispute, no one should be given any preference on the basis of his economic status or his lineage. The culprit should receive his punishment no matter how rich or influential he is. The history of  Islam has many examples of justice being carried out, one of which is as follows:

Once an Egyptian came to the second Caliph of the Muslims, Omer Bin Khattab (RAU). He said:” O Caliph of the Muslims! I need your protection.”

Omer said:” I grant you all the protection you need. Tell me what is the matter?”

The man said:” I took part in a horse riding competition with the son of Amr Bin Aas (RAU). I won the competition.(Instead of accepting defeat), he started  hitting me with a whip saying that he was the son of honorable men ( Amr Bin Aas(RAU) was the governor of Egypt at that time and Omer Bin Khattab (RAU) had himself appointed him). When Amr Bin Aas came to know of the incident, he arrested me lest I approach you, O Caliph. I came to you as soon as I was released.”

Omer Bin Khattab wrote a letter to Amr Bin Aas and ordered him to meet him along his son during Hajj, while he told the Egyptian to stay there until they arrived.

After performing Hajj, Amr Bin Aas and his son came to see the Caliph. The Egyptian was called as well. Omer Bin Khattab (RAU) gave a whip in the Egyptian’s  hand and told him to beat the boy with it. The Egyptian kept on hitting the Amr’s son with the whip just as he had, while Omer continued to say

” Hit the son of the honorable men, hit the son of the honorable men.”

After some time the Egyptian stopped and said:”I have been avenged. I am satisfied now.”

Omer Bin Khattab asked Amr Bin Aas:”Amr ! when did you start to make the people slaves? Their mothers borne them as free men.”


Another important aspect from this incident is the ultimate show of obedience and loyalty towards the Caliph of Muslims on the behalf of Amr Bin Aas (RAU) which should be highly appreciated. He was a man of position having full army at his disposal, yet he chose to humbly accept what the Caliph thought was just following the teachings of our Prophet (SAW).