Islamic Virtues: Ihsaan

“….and do Ihsaan (good). Truly, Allah loves Al-Muhsineen (doers of Ihsaan)” (Al-Baqra-verse 195)

” Verily Allah enjoins Al-Adl (justice) and Al-Ihsaan…” (An-Nahal-verse 90)

These along with several other verses of Quran and many ahadith as well give much importance to Ihsaan in Islam. What is Ihsaan? How can we inculcate this virtue into our daily lives?

Ihsaan can be easily summarized as “good”. Ihsaan which is expected of us can be inculcated in our every day life as follows:

1. Ihsaan in Salah(namaz):

Offering namaz on time, fulfilling all requirements ( Faraiz, sunnahs), Ikhlas-e-niyat(earnestly, no superficiality) , with full concentration and devotion.

Our Prophet (SAW) said:” Ihsaan is that you offer your prayers as if you can see Allah; if not then ( try to visualize) that Allah is watching you.”


2. Ihsaan In Ibadah:

Try to perform all Ibadah, saum(roza), Hajj, zakat etc fulfilling all requirements, with full devotion and earnestly.

3. Ihsaan with Parents:

Obedience to your parents,Treating them with respect and love, Helping  and providing for them when they need, praying  for their forgiveness, respecting their friends and keeping their promises even when they are not around.

4. Ihsaan with Family:

Treating them with respect and love and helping them when they are in need.

5. Ihasaan with Orphans:

Looking after them with love and care, taking care of their finances, educating them and teaching them manners.

6. Ihsaan with Masakeen:

To feed and clothe them without hurting their self esteem.

7. Ihsaan with Traveler:

To feed him, taking care of his possessions, treating him with respect and helping him out if he is lost or needs money.

8. Ihsaan with servants:

Treating them with respect, paying them on time, adjusting his work load according to his pay, feed and clothe him.

” Worship Allah and join none with Him(in worship); and do Ihsaan(good) to parents, kinsfolk(family), orphans, Al-Masakeen, the neighbor who is near of kin, the neighbor who is a stranger, the companion by your side, the way farer (you meet), and those (slaves) whom your right hands possess…..”

(An-Nisa, verse36)

9. Ihsaan with Animals:

treating and feeding  them well, giving them a bearable work load, taking good care of their needs.

If the Prophet (SAW) saw any animal over-burdened or ill-fed he would pull up alongside the owner and say, “Fear Allah in your treatment of animals.” (Abu Dawud, Kitab Jihad)