Islamic Virtues: Treatment of Children

Children are a great blessing of Allah. We, as parents have great responsibilities towards them. Some of these as per the teachings of Allah and his Rasul (SAW) are as follows:



1. Giving the child a good and meaningful name:

The Prophet (SAW) said:” He who is blessed with a child should give him/her a good name and teach him/her good manners.”




2. Teaching the child good Manners and discipline:

Prophet of Allah(SAW) said:” There is no better gift a parent can give his child than good manners.”


Mu’adh (RAU) said:” Allah’s Messenger (SAW) instructed me to do ten things. (Three of which are)….”Spend on your children according to what you can afford. Do not hesitate to discipline them in the course of their upbringing, and instil in them the fear of Allah.”




3. Giving no preference to sons over daughters:

Allah’s Apostle (SAW) said:”If anyone cares for three daughters, gives them good upbringing, marries them ( to good husbands) and treats them well, he will enter Paradise.”

(Abu Dawood)



4. Treating all of your children fairly; no favoritism:

Nu’man ibn Bashir (RAU) said that his father once brought him to the Messenger of Allah (SAW) and said:” I have given a slave boy (as a gift) to this son of mine.” The Prophet (SAW) asked:” Have you done the same for all of your children? and he replied that he had not. The Prophet (SAW) then said:” Fear Allah, and be fair to all your children.”

(Bukhari, Muslim)


children are like flowers

5. Treating all your children with love, kindness and compassion.


Allah’s Messenger (SAW) once kissed his grandson Hasan while a man named al-Aqra ibn Habis al-Tamimi was sitting beside him. The man said:” I have ten children and I have never kissed any of them.”

The Prophet (SAW) looked at him (sadly) and said,’Whoever does not show mercy, will not be shown mercy.’