Islam’s Facilitation: Tayammum

Narrated Anas bin Malik:

The Prophet said, “Facilitate things to people (concerning religious matters), and do not make it hard for them and give them good tidings and do not make them run away (from Islam).”


Islam is a religion of ease and facilitation. It wants its followers to take up Islam as a complete life style; not as a set of rules and rituals. So, keeping in mind the various problems and situations a person can find himself into, several important facilitations are offered by Islam, one of which is Tayammum.

Wadu is obligatory (fardh/farz) before offering salah/namaz or reciting the Holy Quran. But Allah has allowed us to perform Tayammum in place of Wadu for the following conditions:

1. “…And if you are ill, or on a journey, or one of you comes after answering the call of nature, or you have been in contact with women(by sexual relations)and you find no water, perform Tayammum with clean earth and rub therewith your faces and hands (tayammum). Truly, Allah is Ever Oft-Pardoning, Oft-Forgiving.”

(An-Nisa 4/43)

Our Prophet (SAW) said:” For a Muslim, clean earth works(acts) as Wadu, even if (the person) does not find water for ten years.”

(Sanan Nisai)

2. Tayammum is allowed when:

a. A person does not find water.

b. The quantity of water is only enough for drinking.

c. Water is available in sufficient quantity but cannot be used because of illness or an open wound.

How to Perform Tayammum:

1. Niyyat of Tayammum. No formal words required, just an Irada in your heart is enough.

2. Clean earth (pak matti)

3. Reciting Bismillah.

4. To stroke the earth lightly with both hands once.

5. Rubbing of earth on the palms and on the face once.

Narrated ‘Abdur Rahman bin Abza:

‘Ammar said to ‘Umar “I rolled myself in the dust and came to the Prophet who said, ‘Passing dusted hands over the face and the backs of the hands is sufficient for you.”

(Bukahri: 337/1)

Salah,Tawaf, Reciting Quran, Going to mosque and staying there; all are  allowed (Jaiz) after performing Tayammum.