Karbala’s Eternal Legacy

More than fifteen centuries ago, Imam Hussain (AS), the beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) stood victorious over the tyranny and untruth in the parched desert of Karbala on the tenth of Moharram. The battle of Karbala illustrates the courage of Imam Hussain (AS), his fortitude, his determination, and indelible mark on history. This unforgettable Karbala battle serves as a beacon to mankind and gives lesson of how to pursue a new way of life.

Imam Hussain (AS) set a supreme example and gave lesson to the world that never to bow down before tyranny and wrong. He preferred martyrdom for himself and his beloved family to surrender. Moreover, those on the path of truth must never yield, even when outnumbered by the strongest of tyrants.

Today, Muslims have ceased to draw courage from Karbala legacy and as a result, their ranks are cleft with weakness, internal strife, external aggression and loss of freedom. Destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq are open pictures before this.

Whenever the Muslim world has shown the signs of division, the enemy has moved in, taking the opportunity to deepen them and result is degeneration. Today, Islamic countries are facing the threats that endanger their sovereignty and freedom. In Pakistan particularly, rising sectarianism, intolerance and ill-feelings among people have created abnormal situation.

It is time for Muslim Ummah to rise to keep away intolerant forces within and to unite against tyrannical forces striking from outside.

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