Lets Break the Shackles

In this Global World Media has played pivotal role in reforming society. Media includes Electronic and print media. With the excess of Newspapers TV channels and of course with overall boom in science and technology Information has become very easy to convey. But to me that information has lost its value, wisdom and power. It looks priceless when it reaches to us without indulging us into some kind of effort. Seeing the positive aspects no doubt Media has established close links between peoples and removed the distances to great extent. But to me its negative aspects are far more alarming than positive ones.

With the freedom of media peoples are becoming more and more ignorant of their own values whether they are cultural whether they are religious. Surprisingly individuality is converting into globalization. Super power countries are fighting rather controlling World with media Wars and this media has groomed our minds in a manner that we are accepting super powers our so called GODSTo me it’s a joke that peoples are getting close to each other with this media you believe it or not we are getting infinitely far from our elders ,our blood relations ,our own beliefs, customs and traditions. I used to hear people saying that media has taught us that everyone has freedom to speak and we all can speak freely but seriously think. Are we speaking freely? We are rather speaking the language of media.

We all are now slaves of media and we can’t disobey our master.Lot of peoples would be thinking that I am seeing the half empty glass not seeing the half full glass but my dears the evil smell of half full glass is polluting the whole glass. Day by day increasing channels have corrupted this society badly. Bits and pieces of information is not Knowledge. We have become sluggish and lustful peoples and level of contentment has been badly damaged.

So here raises one question if media is so harmful for us then what can we do to avoid its danger. Its answer is very simple. Return back to your basics that is implementing true Islamic values in your life. After that I am dead sure that you and I would be able to manipulate media ourselves. In light of our ancestors work, our cultural values and our Islamic symbols we can’t be distracted by darkness of media.

We have to conquer this media war by conquering ourselves if we want to bring revolution in this societyAnd remember the Holy words of Allah Who said that “Muslim is brother to Muslim if one Muslim feels pain all other Muslims feels pain “so Islam is Global religion from 1400 years. Can’t you see this globalization? Can’t you feel the essence of duty? Can’t you feel this media has poisoned your hearts? You have to cure yourself and stop waiting for MESSIAH of time. Break the shackles and get up……

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  1. Ummay Abdullah // December 12, 2011 at 8:15 pm //

    well written!

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