Major Sins: Hypocrisy

Islam is the religion of Ikhlaas(purity); Ikhlaas in faith, speech, actions and deeds. The opposite of Ikhlaas is Nifaaq(hypocrisy) which is one of the major sins in Islam.Munafiq is the term for hypocrites in Islam. Lying, breaking promises, delaying to offer  prayers on time,using abusive language if in a fight, heart without the longing for jihad; are some of the examples of hypocrisy.

1. The prophet (SAW) said:” Whoever is two-faced (hypocritical) in this world will have two tongues of fire on the Day of Resurrection.”

(Abu Dawood)

2. Abdullah ibn Zayd (RAU) relates that some people confessed to his grand father Abdullah ibn Umer:’ When we go to our rulers, we say things to them that are different from wha we say when we leave them.’ Abdullah son of Umer (RAU) told them:’ We used to consider this to be hypocrisy.”


3.Ibn Umar reported Allah’s Apostle Sallallahu 'alayhi Wasallam as saying: The similitude of a hypocrite is that of a sheep which roams aimlessly between two flocks. She goes to one at one time and to the other at another time.


4.Abdullah Bin Umar (RAU) narrates that Rasulullah (SAW) said:” He in who there are four qualities is a total munaafiq. He in who there is one of these qualities, has in him a quality of nifaaq. [This nifaaq remains in him] until he shuns it. When he is trusted, he misappropriates; when he speaks, he lies; when he pledges, he betrays and when he disputes, he becomes abusive. “

[Bukhari, Muslim]

5.’Ala’ b. ‘Abd al-Rahman reported that they came to the house of Anas b. Malik in Basra after saying the noon prayer. His (Anas) house was situated by the side of the mosque. As revisited him he (Anas) said: Have you said the afternoon prayer? We said to him: It is just a few minutes before that we finished the noon prayer. He said: Offer the afternoon prayer. So we stood up and said our prayer. And when we completed it, he said: I have heard the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu 'alayhi Wasallam saying: This is how the hypocrite prays: he sits watching the sun(delaying salah), and when it is between the horns of devil (the sun is about to set), he rises and strikes the ground four times (in haste) mentioning Allah a little during it.


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