Major Sins: Jealousy and Envy

A Muslim should always be a well wisher for the entire mankind. If he feels jealous or envious towards any one, it means that he is raising questions on the distribution (of wealth, knowledge or any other quality) made by Allah Ta’ala, which is definitely a major sin for we as Muslims should believe and accept whole heartedly whatever we get, comes from Allah.

  • ” Or do they envy men for what Allah has given them of His Bounty?…….”


  • The Prophet (SAW) said: ” Beware of envy, for envy destroys good deeds the way fire consumes fire wood.”

(Abu Dawood)

  • Our Prophet (SAW) said:” Don’t hold grudges with each other, don’t be jealous of each other, don’t argue and don’t cut off your relations with anyone. O people of Allah! Form brotherhood with every one. It is not halal for a Muslim to stop talking to his (fellow) brother (of Islam) for more than three days(due to fight/anger)”

(Bukhari, Muslim)

Jealousy can be divided into two kinds:

Jealousy in which a person wants the other person to lose his honor, money, knowledge or other blessings and wishes to get those himself.

Jealousy in which he desires the loss of these blessings for the other thought he may or may not get them. This is the worst kind of  jealousy. Both kinds of jealousy are forbidden and considered as haram in Islam. If for any reason you feel jealous of someone’s good fortune or blessings, you should at once say:

مَا شَاءَ اللَّهُ لَا قُوَّةَ إِلَّا بِاللَّهِ

Translation:That which Allâh wills ! There is no power but with Allâh

MashAllah la quwwata illa billa

Envy is only allowed in the following manner:

  • Our Prophet (SAW) said:” There are only two (kinds of) people worth envying; someone whom Allah has made rich and who spends his money righteously; and someone whom Allah has given wisdom (Holy Quran and hadith), and who acts according to it and teaches it.”