Marriage in Secret: Is it valid in Islam

Is secret marriage is valid in Islam in any circumstances? When asking from a scholar then he gives a brief answer please a have a look.

Marriage in Islam is a solemn contract in which sharia’s lays down rules and regulation so that it attains its stability. For a marriage to be valid, there is certain requirements including isshar(announcement), the payment called Mehr(dower), both parties consent, the permission of the wali(women’s guardian), and the presence of witnesses. In Islam there are certain standards and requirements to be valid and acceptable, if these standards are not followed then without these it is consider neither valid nor acceptable. So that it could be strongly distinguished from fornication or illicit relations.

The minimum conditions that are crucial for the validity of nikah are the following:

v Presence of witnesses

v Offering and acceptance

v Mahr

v The consent of the guardian of the women

Once the above conditions have been fulfilled, the marriage has considered being valid, but if these conditions are not fulfilled then it will be considered as being null and void.

The prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said

“There is no (valid) marriage without a guardian and two reliable witnesses.”