Modernization and Islam

In today’s world definition of freedom is different for men and women. When we talk of men’s freedom, it’s something that they can do without any foreign force being exerted on them. Whereas when we talk of freedom for women it’s just what the world want and what these so called modern people want her to look like and to do.

Western world always raise thousands of questions, allegations and accusations on Islam to bound women, snatch all her rights and leave her without wings. On the other hand if we put an eye on what’s going on around the globe the results will be very bigoted, shocking as well as quite crushing.

In Islam women is treated just like a very delicate thing. There is no ban on women, she can get education she can do job, she can take her career to a limit and she can do whatever is legal and under moral lines. Whereas if we put an eye on modern world women is more exposed and crushed under hard realities as compare to men.

She is a doll, she is a machine, she is a dummy that sell male oriented products. The only image of today’s modern women is that one pursuing career blindly, going out, mingling with her male counterparts, seductive and a toy for men. Is this what modernization is preaching? Is this what we the women need? These are hard questions and still harder decisions are waiting that we have to make.