Morality related to Religion

If we consider the relationship between religion and morality or moral values then we can see that religions have moral framework that helps a person to determine right and wrong way. Different religions have different moralities to which they must show adherence and if the people relate to specific religion not follow these moralities then they accepted or they consider as deviants. Like Judaism’s has Halacha, Islam adhere to Sharia, Catholicism’s has Canon law and Buddhism’s to Eightfold path.

The moral framework are guided or interpreted by different sources in the specific religion such as oral and written traditions, Holy books and leaders of religion. Between religious past and present moral judgments can be vary greatly. Religion also divided in two categories with respective to the followers, In religions that are Monotheistic such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam they derive their ideas and the path of right and wrong from religious leaders they have and by the rules and laws set forth in their holy books, and if we talk about other religion category naming Polytheistic religions included Buddhism and Hinduism are generally uses other methods to distinguish between right and wrong.

With concrete results now disclosed about religion crime and other behaviors that are showing by the people in any religion in various countries social norms and contemporary laws. The commentators related to religious have been focused that if we see a religious life than we observe that if we have not a set of laws as a guideline than a religious life cannot be led without and the secular analyst or observer focused on moral behavior not any case rely on religious tenets, further points in case of moral challenges within a religion that have conflict with contemporary social norms.

To fight or deal with moral dilemmas religious provide various ways. Take an example in Hinduism religion in which there is prohibition on killing which agreed on the term that it may be inevitable and indeed necessary in certain circumstances. Like Monotheistic traditions, in which certain views such as abortion or divorce are consider in more absolute terms.