Mount Arafat And Hajj

Mount Arafat holds a very important position in “manasik” of hajj. By” manasik” we mean step by step process of performing hajj. Hajj is the largest religious gathering no doubt. Muslims from across the world comes like pieces of magnet attracted towards their center.

Mount Arafat holds dual importance in the history of Islam. It is written in old Islamic
manuscripts (rivayat) that this is the place where Adam and Hawwa reunite after coming on the earth. They recognized each other and asked Allah almighty for forgiveness. It was the place where Allah forgave hazrat Adam and bibi Hawwa. From onwards this mount got the name of Jabbal-e-Rahmat.

Whereas it is also evident from the history that Muhammad P.B.U.H offered his last ceremony on mount Arafat. It is necessary for every Muslim that they should stay for one day on the mount Arafat wearing his/her ihram. Ihram is the dress Muslim wear while performing hajj.