Neighborhood in Islam

Islam is a religion of peace and unity. From the very beginning Islam has emphasized on peace and relations. Neighborhood is one of the very important parts of Islamic society and a very important step that leads to unity and peace. Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and the Holy Qur’an so many times discussed the value, importance and rights of Neighborhood in order to make a peaceful and developed society. By Islamic neighborhood it doesn’t means the next house to you but is actually all the forty houses in all the directions of your house comes under the definition of neighborhood.

The prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) clearly sated that there are three different types of neighbors; the classification is based on the relation. A person, who is non-Muslim but is living by your side, has one right over you. This right means you have to care for his relaxation, avoid teasing them, helping him when he is in problem, protect his assets in his absentee and always show respect towards him. A person who is Muslim and also is your neighbor has two rights upon you and the one who is Muslim and a relative of you as well as is your neighbor has three rights upon you.

Islam is strictly prohibiting disclosing any of the secret of your neighbor when it comes to you, never speaking badly about him in his absence, and never showing rudeness towards your neighbors. It is also explained that one who take care of his neighbors will surely be in paradise. In Qur’an ALLAH TAA’La stated.

“And worship ALLAH, and do not associate anyone with him, and do well to parents, and to relatives and orphans, and the needy, and the near neighbors and the distant neighbors and the companions of your side and the wayfarer.” (Surah Nisa.36) 

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