Parent’s responsibilities in Islam

All the parents have very important duty in bringing up their child and make them a good person. While in the light of Islam the duty and responsibilities of the parents plays very important role in the life of their child. It is said the child’s mind is wet clay that can be mold into any direction and according to Islam it is the duty of parents that in which direction they mold their child’s mindset. There are some Islamic guides that help parents in bringing up their children and that are.

  • Always appreciate your child for good deeds and tell them and forbade them from wrong and negative deeds.
  • Give them modern as well as Islamic education, because both education is very important modern education to spend life according to this time but still in the limits of Islam and Islamic education is important for the “Day of Judgment”.
  • Tell them to offer prayers five times a day, give Sadqa and kherat it will keep all the evils away from you, and motivate them for their good deeds.
  • Tell them stories from the life of our beloved prophet P.B.U.H and his friends how they spend their life according to the rules of Islam.
  • Parents should be gentle and polite and also ask their children to be generous and humble in your life. Tell them Allah love “Ajazi”(humbleness).
  • Tell them about the importance of “Dua”. All the parents just try to lead their children on the path of ALLAH, but the real power is in the hand of ALLAH to give us the opportunity to guide our children in the light of Islam.