Qasas-ul-Ambiya: Death of Dawood (AS)

When Allah created Adam(AS)’s offspring, Adam (AS) saw a man with a shinning face. He asked:”O Lord! Who is he?”

Allah replied :” This is your son, Dawood.”

Adam asked:” O Lord! What will be his age?”

Allah replied:” 60 years.”

Adam said:” O Lord! increase his life!”

Allah said:” No, But I can increase his life by (taking some of )yours.”

Adam’s (AS) (determined) age was 1000 years. He gave 40 to Dawood (AS). When Adam was 960 years old, the angel of death visited him. Adam said:” I have 40 more years to live!” The angel reminded him that he had given up 40 years of his life to Dawood (AS). But Allah gave Adam (AS) 1000 years of life and to Dawood 100 years as well.

(Tirmidhi, Masnad Ahmed)


About Dawood’s(AS) death, Abu Huraira (RAU) narrates that Our Prophet (SAW) said:” Dawood (AS) was a man of honor and dignity. When he went out side, he used to close the doors (of his house). No man entered his home in his absence. Once he went out and closed the doors as usual. Suddenly his wife saw a man standing in the house. She asked from the other family members:” Where did this man come from when all the doors were closed? By Allah! we would be disgraced in front of Dawood.”

Meanwhile, Dawood (AS) also came back and saw the man. He asked the man:” Who are you?”

The man replied:” I am the one who is not scared of kings and cannot be stopped by guards.”

Dawood (AS) said:”Then you must be the angel of death. I welcome Allah’s command(that I am willing to die)”

The angel of death then took his rooh (soul). He was given a bath and covered with a shroud (kaffan). When the people finished giving him ghussal(bath) and shroud, bright sunlight (started to bother). Suliman (AS) [ Dawood’s son], ordered the birds:” Cast the shadow on Dawood!”

All the birds(spread their wings and) cast the shadow until there was darkness on the earth. Suliman (AS) ordered the birds:” Close your one wing( and cast shadow with only one wing.” Allah’s Apostle (SAW) wrapped his one arm  to show how the birds( wrapped one wing).”

(Masnad Ahmed)




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