Qasas-ul-Ambiya: Yusuf’s (AS) Dream

Narrated Ibn Omer(RAU):

Our Prophet (SAW) said: ” Great grand son of a Kareem (generous person), grand son of a Kareem, son of a Kareem and Kareem himself; He is Yusuf (Joseph) bin Yaqoob (Jacob) bin Ishaq (Issac) bin Ibraheem (Abraham) [AS].”


Yusuf (AS) was a pious prophet and had been bestowed with exceptional beauty. His father Yaqoob (AS) took great care of him as he could see the signs of prophethood from an early age. Yusuf (AS) had eleven brothers who were very jealous of him as he was their father’s favorite, but failed to realize the reason. Once Yusuf (AS) had a dream that eleven stars, the sun and the moon prostrate before him. He got scared and when he woke up, he informed his father about his dream. Yaqoob (AS) realized the true meaning of this dream; that eleven stars were his brothers and the sun, his father and the moon were his mother.Yaqoob (AS) realized that Yusuf (AS) would attain a special place in this world as well as hereafter. He advised his son Yusuf (AS) not to mention the dream with his brothers lest they plan some evil out of jealousy.

“(Remember) when Yusuf said to his father :’ O my father! verily I saw (in a dream) eleven stars and the sun and the moon–I saw them prostrating themselves to me.[4] He (the father) said:’O my son! Relate not your vision to your brothers lest they should arrange a plot against you. Verily, Shaitan is to man an open enemy.[5] Thus will your Lord choose you and teach you the interpretation of dreams (and other things) and perfect His favor on you and on the offspring of Yaqoob as He perfected it on your fathers, Ibraheem and Ishaq aforetime! Verily, your Lord is All Knowing, All Wise.[6]”

(Yusuf 4-6)