Qasas-ul-Ambiya:Migration of Ibraheem(AS)and the birth of Ismael(AS)

Despite Ibraheem’s (AS) earnest efforts, no body except his wife Sarah and his nephew Lout(AS) accepted the message of Truth, Islam. Although he was quite old, he was childless.He decided to migrate to another land in hope of preaching and spreading Islam.


“So Lout (Lot) believed in him [Ibrâheem’s  Message of Islâmic Monotheism]. He [Ibrâheem ] said: “I will emigrate for the sake of my Lord. Verily, He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.”

(Al-Ankabut 29:26)

While they were crossing Egypt, they came across a tyrant who tried to take hold of Sarah but Allah foiled his plans. He grew scared and gave Hajar (Hajra) as slave girl to Sarah.


“And We rescued him and Lout (Lot) to the land which We have blessed for the ‘Alamîn (mankind and jinns).”

(Al-Ambiya 21:71)

They all reached a blessed land. Some ulema believe that the blessed place mentioned above is Syria, while the others think it is Makkah. Afterwards, Ibraheem (AS) settled in the city of Jerusalem. Lout (AS) was told to move to the city of Saddom to preach Islam by Ibraheem (AS).


Ibraheem (AS) was more than eighty years old when Sarah gave Hajar to Ibraheem (AS). After some time, Ismael (AS) was born. Sarah soon got very jealous that her slave girl had borne a son to her husband. Allah told Ibraheem (AS) to take Hajar and Ismael (AS) to Makkah and leave them there. Ibraheem (AS) was well aware that Makkah was simply a desert with no one living there, but his exemplary obedience was such that he took and left both the infant and his mother there in Makkah with a bag of water and some dates only without thinking that this was the child he was praying for quite a long time. When he turned to leave, Hajar asked him why he was leaving them,he did not reply. She asked him if it was the order of Allah and he replied in affirmative. She sat down and said that Allah would not let them go waste(i.e would take care of them)

Allah took good care of them. First an angel was sent to give them the spring of Zam Zam as Hajar was desperately looking for water, then people came to live there when they found ample water supply there and so the city of Makkah was born.







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