Ramadan and Quran

Ramadan is the most holy festival of Muslims and is a holy month in Islamic calendar as well in which fasting is obligatory on every Muslim. In Holy Quran Allah addressed this month as month of cleaning of all sins. Ramadan is the religious festival and Muslims fast whole day the entire month. Before Fajar prayer Muslims take meal and ends their fast after hearing Azan of Maghrib prayer.

During their fasting period Muslims are not allow for drinking and eating anything and are also forbidden from sins and other similar works. Muslims are advised to offer prayers as much as they can and say “Astaghfar” and pray to Allah for all sins and evils.

Quran is the holy Book of all Muslims and it is the utter guidance for every Muslim in every phase of life. It is compulsory for every Muslim to read and understand Quran to make lives in complete accordance of Allah and Prophet S.A.W.W. Quran is not only the book for this era but is also a book for coming world. It is the complete and last book it contains teaching on every single issue of life both in this life and life after death. One word of Quran in Ramadan has 72% more virtue than reading in normal days.