Ramadan- the 3rd Pillar of Islam

Islam has five pillars and Ramadan is the 3rd pillar among the five pillars of Islam and it includes fasting. It depicts that fasting during Ramadan is one of the most basic beliefs of Islam that are obligatory for every Muslim.  Fasting implies for a practice that ensures self control and is a way to experience what hunger is all about and to develop the sense of sympathy with the needy and the poor’s. It is thought to be the best way for thanking Allah for everything that HE bestowed us.

The essence of Ramadan is offering gifts to poor’s and needy and is termed as “ZAKAT” which means giving away one’s wealth to charity. Zakat is also counted in the strong pillars of Islam because it literally means “purity of wealth”

Ramadan is an important festival for Muslims; it is the time of intense prayers. In the month of Ramadan Muslim try to read as much Quran as possible. People visit mosques to listen the recitation of Quran in melodious voices of Muslim scholars.

Last 10 days of Ramadan are of great value for Muslims as they have the believe of getting closer to their creator. The 27th night of Ramadan, known as “Lailat-ul-Qadar” or “night of Power” is considered to be the most auspicious night as compared to other nights. Muslim spends entire night in prayers and apologizing for their sins and evil deeds.