An Islamic scholar Javed Ahmad Ghamidi stated that:

Sunnah predated both the Quran as well as Muhammad (s.a.w.w), and is acctualy the tradition of the Prophets of God, specifically the tradition of Abraham. A broad form of Sunnah was already being practisized by the Christians, Jews and the Arab descendants of prophet Ismail, when Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w reinstituted this practice as an integral part of Islam. Sunnah and Quran both are equally authentic and the former includes worship rituals like Salah, Zakat, Hajj, fasting in Ramadan as well as customs like circumcision”.

Sunnah is the word that has meaning of, clear, busy, well trodden and plane surfaced road. It was represented by the practice of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w, he taught us practically and instituted of as a teacher and the best exemplar of the Shariah. These all practicing that were showing by the Prophet were to fulfilling and carrying out the religious rites and mould the life according to the God saying. The Quran stated the responsibility of Prophet as a Messenger of God. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w sayings, his specific words, habits, practices and his silent approvals included in Sunnah.

The Sunnah is actually significant for life when dealing with different ways of life such as friends, family and government because it is so vast and covers every single part of life too. Sunnah recording was an Arabic tradition when people converted to Islam they brought the Sunnah into their religion. The sunnah is an authentic source to knowing about the issue if it is not addressed in Quran. Sunni term is used for those who claim to practice these sayings and practicing of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w, as the pat of Ummah.

As the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w said in Khutba Hijat ul Wida, the greatest Khutba ever:

“O People understand words which I convey to you. I leave behind me two things, the Quran and my example, the Sunnah and if you follow these you will never go astray”.




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