The value of women in Islam

Islam is a religion which gave respect and priority to women in their life. Women in Islam are having a status and importance like diamond jewelry is having over others. Islam has mentioned in Qur’an that men and women are equal, the equality here means in terms of rights. Men are superior then women in the sense of strengths. Men are the protectors of women. There are many people from different religions who are having some misconceptions about the rights of women and about the status of women in Islam.

In Islam women are having equal education rights, living standards, dressing, they can go for jobs. Women are having different rights but also have some restrictions. The restrictions are only based that they have to perform every thing within the boundaries of Islam. Islam is emphasizing on Parda or veil for women. Veil signifies the status of women in the society and the respect of women. Veil is providing modesty to women. As we care for our precious things from dust, harshness and other things that can damage them. Women are also very precious creatures of ALLAH and that he also want to protect them from the bad deeds of different bad people.

Islam always forbids showing rudeness and harshness to women. In Qur’an it is clearly mentioned that women are created from the rib of men, and if you try to change the shape of rib you will break it. Same is the situation of women, Islam is teaching that always behave with women in a manner of love, respect and softness. There are equal rules and regulations for men and women in Islam. Islam always enforced to treat women with respect and never hurt them. Women are very precious and most valuable creatures out of all the creatures of ALLAH.