True meaning and main objective of Nikah

One of the most important institutions of Islam is “Nikah” or “Marriage” it can be explain as a contract with an objective of legalization and procreation of children. A nikah in Islam is define as a “marriage contract and celebrated according to “Sharia” with all its components and conditions without any official impediment”. In Islam there are various essential objects of “Nikah”, holy Quran describe the main objective of marriage as lit, Sukun means comfort and satisfaction. Peace of mind, love, rahmat means kindness, compassion or sympathy. No One denies that the main objective of “Nikah” is matrimonial association is defiantly the procreation of children.

There is very negative impact of Islam, that Islam does not provide right and freedom to women and it is entirely wrong. The truth is that the respect of a woman is very important in Islam. There is nothing like that to give all the power and rights to husband to hold all the law in hand and can kill his wife for any wrong doing. Even in the situation of fornication, Qazi has the right to decide the liability according to the Sharia and also impose penalty for this but it is not the husband who can take the decision for this wrong deed. There is a great importance of “nikah” in Islam and once one committed it s/he has to fulfill it according to the sayings of ALLAH.