True meanings of Jihad

There are different meanings of jihad in the eyes of different people and scholars, however, jihad is an Arabic word and is related to Islam so from Islamic point of view, the Literal meaning of the term is “Warfare”, Jihad is a war in the way of ALLAH. It is a religious responsibility of every Muslim. There are some people who take Jihad in only one meaning or sense and that is the war against nonbelievers of Islam or the teachings of Muhammad (S.A.W.W), but it is not limited to this single meaning. Jihad can be performing against all those things from which Muslims feel threat or danger. It is a struggle that one can do against all evil practices that are present in the society and are creating problems to Muslims.

Islam is a religion of peace and it never allows its believers to damage or kill any innocent human and even animals. There are lots of people especially non-Muslims who are trying to mix Jihad with terrorism which is quite wrong. Jihad is quite different from terrorism. Every day due to terrorists attacks thousands of innocent people died but in Jihad one can never kill animals and innocent people he can only fight against evil souls. From Islamic point of view a Muslim can fight against terrorists in the sense of Jihad because they are the biggest threat to Muslims, humanity and are the examples of cruelty. If we look at the great history of the world one can easily find that ALLAH never appreciated cruelty.

Jihad is basically a war or fight against all bad things and people. If a person strives to eliminate bad habits from his personality and stop himself from sins it is also called Jihad and in Islam it is known as Jihad-bil-nafs. In this type of Jihad you can’t fight your self with guns and bombsb you can just control yourself. In short Jihad is a way by which we can eliminate all bad practices and cruelty from our society.