Truthfulness in Islam

Islam is a religion which is guiding its followers in each and every step of their lives. Most of the Islamic teachings are based on some secrets that lead to very happy, peaceful and secure like. Truthfulness is another such great type of Islamic character. Truthfulness and avoidance of lie are two basic characters of a true Muslim. Both of these things can’t stay at a single place. A person always speaking truth means he is honest, trustworthy and a faithful person. Every one will trust him and will also inspire from his good attitude. It may possible that many people try to follow him and specially the close companions of the person will also try to become like him.

Our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) has so many times emphasized on this great quality. He, himself is a big example of truthfulness and this is one of the reason of his popularity before the light of Islam. ALLAH also stated in Qur’an so many times about truthfulness.

“The ALLAH may reward the truthful for their truthfulness, and punish the Hypocrites if he wills, or turn mercifully towards them.” ( Qur’an 33:24)

For a truthful person there are many rewards which he can observe even in this world. People who always try to speak truth become trustworthy, people always praise him, they respect him, and they respect his opinions and views. They believe on his statement and give him an honor. For any person it is very good experience that he become popular for his good deeds.

Truthfulness is the backbone of any peaceful and sincere society. If all Muslims try to adopt this great and basic character, there is no doubt and no hurdle in the way of their success. In short, truthfulness it self is a big solution to many problems like cheating, frauds, misrepresentation, theft and many other bad habits and sins.

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