Versatality of Religions in Pakistan


In Pakistan the state religion is Islam practisized by 187,343,000 people of the nation and of about   95-98% people follow this religion, And other remaining practice other religions like Christianity, Hinduism and remaining religions. In Pakistan also Muslims divided into two major sects that practicing Sunni Islam and Shia’s, Shia’s are in minority make up approximately 5-20% of the total population. When we talk about the Sunni Muslims they follow the school of thought known as ‘Hanafia’ law and Majority of Shia following itna’Ashariyyah law including the minority groups practicing Islamialism composed of the groups like Nizari with other name (Agha Khanis), Dawoodi, Bohra, Mustaali and Sulaymani and others.

In Pakistan Islam was first introducing in the territory where it is now present in early of the 18th century. When the Hindu ruler of the Sindh Raja Dahir was defeated after very great victory of Muhammad Bin Qasim including the followers group named Umayyad Dynasty. The Muslims of Ummayyad Dyntasy conquered the north western part from the region of Kashmir to the Arabian Sea of the Indus Valley. After this the Arab Muslims arrive to the regions of Sindh, Punjab and several Islamic dynasties which include Gurids, Ghaznavids and the Sultanate of Dehli and Mughal emperors control the region of today’s Pakistan vast region also including the the region of North India from 1526 until 1739.After that many Muslim technocrats, soldiers, traders, scientists, architects, teachers, theologians and Sufis which appear during the era of Mughal rulers in the Muslim world to the Indian subcontinent.


According to the information collected from the sources and this information can vary considerably from source to source as well, sources including

Pew Research Centre

CIA world

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Oxford University

University of Pennsylvania

U.S State Department

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Others sources

The list collected from these sources, this is actually estimations about the percentage of people have different believes and faiths in the country. These are listed below:

Religion Islam:

  • Sunni 80-95%
  • Shia 5-20%
  • Ahmadi approximately 2.3% or 4 million

Other Religions:

  • Christians i.6% or 2,800,000 people approx
  • Hindus 1.6% or 2,800,000 people
  • Bahais 79000 people
  • Sikhs 20,000
  • Zoroastrian/Parsis 20,000
  • Buddhist Unknown
  • Jews Unknown

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