Why Muslim Pakistani women are running away from hijab?

Hijab is one of the most fundamental parts of Islam. If we dig deep down into the meaning of hijab we will find it quite simple. Hijab means covering your head, neck, front of the chest and back. All of these parts should be covered in such a way that there is not a chance even a single strand of hair can escape out of the scarf or hijab, whatever name please you. Islam has made it essential for all of the women to cover their bodies so that no dirty glance can touch them.

Now let’s move to our title question. If we put an eye on the Muslim women of western culture we will experience a war between these women and the government and powerful officials. Just for example take France, although it is not the only country that has problem with hijab, but it is say leader of all of other liberal minds. In France Muslim women are not allowed to
cover their head. There are punishments and penalties if a woman is found covering her head with hijab whether in public places, shopping malls, schools job and college but also while driving.

Yet the Muslim women of France are struggling and fighting for their fundamental right of covering their head. With every passing day there are a number of reported cases when women and even teenage girls accepted any government threat but never let their hijab down. Why Europe is so afraid of hijab? The answer to this question is quite simple. They are afraid! These
people have commercialized women for their own sake. If women started covering herself, who is going to pose nude on the cover pages of their so called fashion and lifestyle magazines?

There are thousands and billions of dollars invested in marketing world that alone depend on how a woman can expose most of her body to get highest revenues and dollars. There are campaigns run against hijab and a whole drama and propaganda of so called freedom for women is organized. But we can say with proud and utter happiness that western Muslim women are not taking all such rubbish, they have refused any propaganda against hijab. But
unfortunately women of east, women of Pakistan are taking influence of this propaganda.

Today if we come out on the streets of large cities like Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore we can see that most of the women are covering their bodies with hijab. But the saddening factor is that these hijaabs are not up to the degree of covering their body. Most of the abbayas are made in such a way that they are tightly fitted to the body, ruining any attempt of hijab. Their hairs are flowing freely in the air, inviting every kith and kin to adore and get appraisal. Is this what hijab mean? Is this what our Islamic teachings have told us? Think a while and then make a decision and off course buy a new hijab that can cover your body in proper way.

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  1. i think its only face which should not be veiled, and as such covering only the head is not an issue in the west

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