Aamer expected to be freed in February.

Pakistani fast bowler Muhammad Aamer convicted in cases of betting and spot-fixing is now expected to be released on February 9. He has completed half of his conviction term sentenced as by the court.
One of Aamer’s close friends and legal advisor Abbasi confirmed the status of his transportation from Her Majesty’s Prison Portland, Dorset, England to a new address at London for the completion of his remaining prison term.

“Aamer will be allowed to stay in London for about three weeks and then he will leave for Pakistan,”, Abbasi said. On the other hand, UK Border Agency has confirmed that it will create no problems for Aamer regarding the immigration procedure and neither will it put on any future restrictions if he wants to come back in the country again.

The prison authorities after visiting new address at London confirmed to put Aamer there on the condition that he would be in regular touch with the services.

It is further stated by the UK Border Agency that Ammer won’t be deported and he can leave the country on his own. According to the law, if a court decides the sentence to be less than 1 year then it is up to UK Border Agency to recommend deportation.

But Aamer’s current life is also of a free man as playing different sports, attending education classes, exercising at the gym daily and is even allowed to access the internet and library in the prison.