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Peshawar is a very famous city of Pakistan it lays on the edge of the famous Khyber Pass and also the centre of one of the provinces in Pakistan named as Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah. Peshawar has always been an attractive tourist place because of its colorful culture and historical significance.

Being a famous city of Pakistan the Markets in Peshawar are really worth visiting. The city has lot to offer to its visitors. It has been invaded by many people in the past and their invasions also added colors to Peshawar culture.

The most of the population living in Peshawar is Pathan and their language is Pashto. The pathans are well known all over the Pakistan for being very brave and hard working. They are hospitable people and also very kind and generous.

In the Bazzars of Peshawar almost all the items are available and the biggest fun is that things are so cheap here that one feels like buying more and more because comparatively in other cities prices are three or even four time more than Peshawar so whoever pays visit to Peshawar must does a shopping and enjoy saving more money. The Sitara market is the most famous market in this regard.

The tribal areas of Peshawar have the beauty of their own. There is no need for one to be afraid to visit these areas being afraid to b killed or kidnapped by Pathans because it has already been written that Pathans are cool minded and friendly people.

The Peshawar Museum is a place to visit. It contains the relics brought from the Middle East. There are number of forts in Peshawar which attract the tourists, these forts include Jamrud fort and AAltit fort.

The most famous food items of Peshawar are Peshawari Chappal Kebab, Naan, and Nahari and peshawari pulao. The city is so amazing and beautiful that a number of tourists go there every year for visit and recreation.

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