5 things to keep in mind when travelling in Pakistan

Are you planning to visit Pakistan for the first time for business or for leisure? Pakistan is a great place to travel especially its northern areas. You will see a blend of many cultures, languages and traditions in every part of the country. But as it is with any other country, you have to keep in mind certain factors while travelling in Pakistan. Well, these are the 5 things every traveler to Pakistan should keep in mind:

1. Don’t talk to strangers:

Seriously, even the culture in Pakistan doesn’t agree to talking to strangers. I wont say that every stranger may be a thief, but if you’re an easily recognizable foreigner, than its better to stay away from strangers. Stay with a trusted local, be it your hotel guide or your relative





 2. Restrict Your Identity As Much As Possible:

Don’t go on announcing to people (shop keepers etc) where you’re from. Chances are that  shopkeepers will tell you the wrong price of products, hence deceive you.






 3. Don’t drink tap water:

This is really important! Don’t ever drink tap water,it doesn’t suit most of the foreigners leading to bad stomach aches. Even when  you brush your teeth in the morning, do so  with  mineral water.




4. Don’t go on wandering alone at nights:

Don’t go on wandering alone at nights especially in deserted alleyways. The street crime rate in Pakistan is very high. So if you’re an adventurous foreigner, think twice before lingering on your quests!




5. Don’t take out your cell phone in secluded areas:

Avoid taking out your cell phone in secluded areas, especially if you have an expensive phone.Mobile theft is quite normal in Pakistan. A good suggestion is to use a cheap Nokia phone when talking in secluded areas.




Rest assured, I hope my readers have a fantastic trip in Pakistan. I believe that you should also know a little bit of the language that is Urdu when coming to Pakistan. I don’t want to scare you but these are just guidelines because living in a third world country, you have to be extra careful! But I want to inform you that incidents about violence relating to tourists are very rare in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan especially the people in the north are extremely friendly and helpful. Its also advisable to dress the same way as locals so that you may not be identified as different. So, best of luck to all those travelers out there!