A heavon on earth-Beautiful Nathiagali

If you want a superb place with scenic beauty, pleasant weather and for hiking tracks, Nathiagali is one of that. It serves as hill station or mountain resort town in Hazara, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is situated in the Galiaath; gets its name because of the several hill stations ending with the word ‘gali’ most of them connected with each other.

 Nathigali has its importance, because of the pleasant and cooler weather compare to rest of the Galiaath because it is on the greater altitude. On the destination of one hour’s drive away from Muree, and Abbotabad lies midway both of the cities. From the city Islamabad if there is a lot of traffic then it take usually two hours. Nathiagali is famous for its beautiful scenery that is highly magnificent. Fog in the months of July/august presents a glory, and deep forests of cedar, oak, pine and walnut trees and shiny green meadows. When the winter season came snow fall adds more beauty in the area.

A church is a remnant or remembrance of the British government that is totally made of wood. It is located at the edge of the mountain and Kashmir with its full glory and beauty can be seen behind this church. In Nathiagali there is a mini bazaar, you can buy handicrafts, and home made things etc represents the beauty of Nathiagali.The regions of Nathiagali serve as home place for all of the animal species like birds, Butterflies, insects and animals. You find ravens in areas of Nathiagali, unlike the crows found in southern cities of Pakistan. Because of the bed-begs have tendency to show up a lot in old homes and in the monsoon season so the visitors are advised to sun their bedding and repellants, pesticides for insects in the seasons.


Monkeys in Nathiagali


Other animals like horses are common sight during the month of summer and for rides offers to adults and children’s. Monkeys are very common and often come up in search of snacks to hotels and guesthouses are very playful and quite noisy. From Nathiagali you can find many short strolls through the forests of pine. So Nathiagalli is like the heaven on the earth that provide home for greater capacity of wildlife and also famous for its scenic beauty. It is a popular tourists resort in the summer month from I.e May to August

Old Church in Nathiagali