Abbotabad’s Tour

Abottabad is one of the amazingly beautiful valleys of Pakistan. It is a valley full of lush green trees and all sided surrounded by the hills. From Rawalpindi it takes two hour to reach Abottabad. There are number of tourism places in Abottabad which are real attractions for the tourists.

Abottabad is a very famous summer resort .In summer a lot of people go there for recreation because of the easy accessibility to it. In Abottabad there is a tourist’s guide office which works to facilitate the tourists in their journey. The beauty of the valley in summers is no doubt exceptional but in winters even it is not less. In winters the all surrounding hills are covered with snow all over them and the valley seems like wearing white dress and the real scenic beauty to refresh the mind and the soul.

The view of Shimla hills from Abottabad is worth seeing .A visit to Abottabad without having a wonderful view of Shimla hills is always incomplete. It is heart catching view. Shimla resort is yet another resort from where a complete view of Abottabad can be taken. Near Shimla hills there is also a park for the kids and few shops and tea stalls to provide tourists with a hot cup of tea while the children enjoy the swings.

Jalal Baba auditorium here is a real production house of all the cultural and traditional activities taking place in Abottabad. The city is also known as the city of the churches because it was a major town in use by the British at time of their rules so made many splendid churches here which still retain their glory and are worth watching. Other buildings made by British like houses are also still there and tourists like to have a view of them.

Abottabad is a beautiful valley of lush green trees and high hills which are snow capped in winters and look lovely to the viewer’s eye. The city is worth visiting and one of the favorite tourists spot in Pakistan.